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The story of hughes & hawk leather

hughes and hawk leather began in Vancouver, B.C. at the end of 2013. We have always loved leather bags. Anybody who knows us thinks we are a little crazy with the number of leather goods and watches we have purchased in our travels.
One afternoon, I was searching online for a gift for my wife and had narrowed the search to the best buy for the cost and style - a conversation starter you might say, something unique. I usually shopped at the big retailers but I tried an independent.
The delivery arrived. It was disappointing to say the least, the bag was pretty poor quality. That got me thinking. I started trolling through reviews and comments online. Feedback proved many people felt disheartened with the service and quality provided. In some cases customers received no delivery at all. 
Surely, there must be a quality bag from an independent retailer that won't break the bank. The cogs started turning. I knew we could do better. We started hughes & hawk.
It took us many months of sourcing and quality checking to find a leather artisan and manufacturing partner. When it came to choosing a name, easy peasy! Branding? Not a problem.
Today, with community support, we have launched our first official store. Yay us!
We care about what we sell. We sell quality leather and canvas products using heavy grade nylon stitch, top quality hardware and no PU leather. We want customers for life.
Look for us on: Facebook: hughesandhawk, Twitter: @hughesandhawk, Pinterest: hughesandhawk & Instagram: hughesandhawk. We're everywhere!
Share your stories and adventures with hughes and hawk. For a chance to win hawker merchandise post a pic of you and your bag on our Facebook page and tag us on Twitter #myhughesandhawk.
If you have any questions, contact us at: support@hughesandhawk.com
We welcome you to the hughes and hawk family.
Rob & Chris